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Poppy Trusts

RNZRSA National Poppy Trust

Objects of the RNZRSA National Poppy Trust

RNZRSA NPT Statement of Operating Policies

Signed RNZRSA Poppy Charitable Trust

RNZRSA National Poppy Trust Process Chart (PDF)

Establishing a Poppy Trust (PowerPoint)


Poppy Trust Toolkit

It’s a requirement of the RSA National Council that all poppy funds are held in a specific poppy trust, either a locally established one or the RNZRSA Poppy Trust. 

In order to help those RSAs who have yet to action this, we’ve developed the RNZRSA Poppy Trust Toolkit. This comprehensive guide provides the step-by-step advice and support that you need in order to establish your own individual poppy trust. For the first time, in just one document, you have all you need to make a decision on how you will manage poppy funds and the guidance to put that decision into effect. 

The toolkit includes explanation and advice on how to create, incorporate and register your trust, example distribution and investment policies, as well as the model trust wording and suggested resolutions. If you don't want to establish your own local trust, you can use the national poppy trust with your own allocated fund. This trust is all set up and operating, ready to accept your poppy funds.

For more advice on Poppy trusts, please contact your District President.

Access the full poppy Trust Toolkit here: 

Poppy Trust Toolkit

Model Poppy Trust Deed 2014 Blank Template

Model Poppy Trust Deed 2014 Blank Template