Every day the RSA movement helps all current and former service personnel and their families get the support they need.

Our mission is to remember and care for all those impacted by service for New Zealand.

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Service and ex-service people, and their families sometimes find themselves in need of financial assistance. Because of the unique sacrifice required by military service, ex and current military people and families are eligible to apply for financial assistance from the RNZRSA. Click to learn more
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If you are in need for Financial Support, you can apply for assistance online here.
NZ Servicemen building a structure in Timor
When it's time for a soldier, sailor or airman leaves the military, there are steps they can take to make this life-changing transition more successful.
Long term physical, mental and social health is important to maintaining a good quality of life for anyone who is serving or has served.
RSA can help fund up to $500 towards outdoor activites for current and service personnel, and their families. Check out some of these activities here!

VCFSA's mission is to bring the veteran community together in the ocean using surfing as ocean therapy.

They had their first event (X-Forces Mission Surf) on Sunday 24 March in Raglan - and what a day it was!

VCFSA are committed to bringing the wider community of veterans of...

Poppy donations support people like Holly, ex-Army.

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