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Terms of Use

The Royal New Zealand Returned and Services Association (RNZRSA) welcomes you to this web site. By using this site or any of the services offered or connected with it you agree to the following terms of use:



The purpose of this site is to provide information relating to RNZRSA and its services. Where products or services are offered for purchase over the Internet the terms of sale are as follows or as otherwise specifically stated in the relevant offer.

You agree that you will not publish any comment on this web site which may be considered defamatory, offensive or contrary to law.



You agree that the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 does not apply to the provision of any product or service by RNZRSA for the purposes of a business.

Subject to any rights you may have under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, any liability under any:

  • rule of law,
  • equity,
  • Act,
  • regulation or
  • rule

that RNZRSA may have to you deriving from:

  • use of this web site,
  • any information contained on or connected to this web site, or
  • any product or services provided by or via this web site,

is expressly negated to the extent not prohibited by rule of law, equity, Act, Regulation or Rule.

In any event, subject to the above and any rights you may have under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, any claim for loss or harm arising as a result of or in relation to the supply of goods or services by RNZRSA including any economic or consequential loss incurred, is limited to the amount of the charge made for the goods and/or services provided.

RNZRSA provide this web site solely as a vehicle by which information, opinions or views may be expressed. Consequently RNZRSA does not accept responsibility for the accuracy or consequences deriving from use of the information, opinions or views expressed by any person or organisation, whether published on, accessible via or referred to by this site. RNZRSA does not provide any warranty, express or implied, as to the completeness, accuracy, reliability, fitness for purpose, currency or usefulness of any information provided on or via this web site irrespective of whether the information is provided by RNZRSA itself.

  • For the removal of doubt the opinions and views expressed are not necessarily those of RNZRSA or endorsed by RNZRSA.
  • For the removal of doubt RNZRSA takes no responsibility for any information, product or service obtained by link to or from this web site.
  • For the removal of doubt, RNZRSA does not accept responsibility for the transmission of any virus, worm or other software and any loss or harm directly or indirectly caused by such transmission.
  • For the removal of doubt RNZRSA does not warrant that this web site is secure or that misuse of this web site to the detriment of users cannot occur.
  • RNZRSA does not warrant that it owns the rights to the information provided on or via this web site.



  • Apart from subscriptions to the RSA Review, any products or services offered on this web site are only available for purchase within New Zealand.
  • The only method of payment acceptable is a personal cheque (within New Zealand only) or a Bank Draft made out to "Royal New Zealand Returned Services’ Association Inc.".
  • You authorise RNZRSA to deduct all costs RNZRSA may incur in providing the goods or services to you, including but not limited to the cost of delivery or collection from you, all taxes or other duties payable.
  • You warrant that you are authorised to make the purchase.
  • Dates given for delivery of goods or completion of services are given in good faith but are not to be considered a condition of sale. You will not be entitled to cancel any orders because of a delay in delivery or completion of services outside the control of RNZRSA.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice and unless otherwise stated, prices quoted are exclusive of Goods & Services Tax.
  • Without prejudice to its remedies under these Terms of Trade or any other agreement between the parties, RNZRSA shall retain title to any goods supplied pending payment in full of all monies due to RNZRSA by you.
    Although ownership of the goods remain with RNZRSA, you acknowledge that risk in the goods passes to you as soon as they are dispatched to you or used as part of the services requested by you.



You will pay all actual costs of RNZRSA incurred to collect any monies or enforce any obligation owing to RNZRSA irrespective of how the debt or obligation arose, including all costs as between solicitor and client.



  • Use of this web site, any request for information, these terms and conditions, the provision of information, opinions or views, goods or services is to be construed and interpreted under New Zealand law.
  • RNZRSA by virtue of the provision of this web site does not accept or submit to the jurisdiction of any authority in any jurisdiction other than New Zealand.
  • Any dispute arising from the use of this web site, request for information, these terms and conditions, the provision of information, opinions or views, goods or services is to be dealt with by the New Zealand Courts in Wellington and all parties to any dispute arising as aforesaid submit to the jurisdiction of the New Zealand Courts in Wellington irrespective of where the parties to the dispute are based or the basis for the dispute is alleged to have arisen.



RNZRSA reserves the right in its sole discretion to:

  • Remove any material you may have posted on or through the web site;
  • Prevent your use of the web site or any services offered by or through the web site;
  • Remove any link to or from you; and/or
  • Take whatever action RNZRSA considers appropriate to preserve its position, reputation and to avoid legal or any other action by third parties.
  • RNZRSA is likely to co-operate fully with any complainant, particularly in so far as misuse of intellectual property is concerned.



  • The information provided on or via this web site is solely for your personal and non-commercial use and you may not reproduce in any form any information obtained on or via this web site for any other purpose without first obtaining the written permission of RNZRSA.
  • RNZRSA may in its sole discretion refuse permission to reproduce such information. RNZRSA will be under no obligation to provide any reasons for its decisions regarding the reproduction of information.
  • Any permission to reproduce information will be limited to information either owned by RNZRSA or to which RNZRSA has a right to authorise reproduction. If RNZRSA is not to the owner of the information and does not have a right to authorise reproduction, permission from the owner of the information will be needed.
  • Any information which is attributed to any party and/or incorporates any copyright notice must be reproduced with the full text of that attribution and/or copyright notice.



  • This web site may be linked to or from other web sites which are not under the control of RNZRSA. These terms and conditions apply to all information, products or services obtained via this web site whether by link or otherwise.
  • Where the terms and conditions of other web sites conflict with this web site or these terms and conditions or are otherwise to the detriment of RNZRSA, the terms and conditions of this web site will take precedence.
  • In no event does the fact that this web site links to another web site constitute an endorsement of the other web site (or any link, matter, product or service associated with it) by RNZRSA.



RNZRSA may collect, retain and update personal information either currently held by RNZRSA or that you provide via this web site, whether by e-mail, in response to a request or from use of cookies and other means by which your visit to this web site may be recorded.


  • To monitor and control use of this web site; and
  • To provide services and information to you unless you no longer wish to receive such services or information.
  • RNZRSA will hold personal information for the time necessary to fulfil these purposes.
  • Pursuant to the Privacy Act 1993 you have the right to access and request correction of any personal information held by or within the control of RNZRSA.
  • RNZRSA may charge you any reasonable costs RNZRSA may incur as a consequence of responding to such a request provided RNZRSA provides you with notice of such a charge prior to any costs being incurred.
  • All information other than personal information will be treated as public information.



  • You will keep confidential and secure any passwords that RNZRSA may provide you or that RNZRSA may ask you to provide in order to access certain services or information through this website.
  • RNZRSA may ask you to change that password from time to time and may provide you with the new password as RNZRSA in its sole discretion considers appropriate.
  • You must notify RNZRSA as soon as possible should you become aware of any breach of security or misuse of either a password, this web site or any service associated with it.
  • You will be liable for any use of the services or information, including any charges that may have been incurred, as a consequence of the use of your password whether such use was authorised or unauthorised.



  • Unless otherwise specifically stated and agreed by RNZRSA, these terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement, to the extent that any agreement exists, between RNZRSA and you as a user of this web site.
  • Should any provision in these terms and conditions be unenforceable or cannot be relied upon by RNZRSA, all other provisions remain effective to the extent permitted by law.
  • These terms and conditions are effective until varied at the sole discretion of RNZRSA. Any variation will be published as an amendment on the News page on this site and you accept that such variation will be effective in relation to you from the date of publication.



Due to the nature of the transaction, no refunds will be issued.



Upon processing the payment for your membership subscription, you will receive notification via email.

If you are not satisfied with your membership subscription, please apply for the cancellation within the first 7 days of your payment date. If you do not apply for the refund and cancellation during this period no refund will be given.

To apply for cancellation and/or refund, please send us an email to accounts@rsa.org.nz or phone 04 3847994.

Requests to cancel your membership subscription will result in the automatic deactivation of your account.



If you have any questions, concerns, complaints or simply wish to discuss any aspect of the above terms and conditions, please contact RNZRSA National Office.