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Anzac Day Resources

This page contains resources designed to help students, schools and community groups understand the history of Anzac Day, and conduct their own commemorations.

A Brief History of Anzac Day

Wondering what the origins of Anzac Day are? Or why we commemorate Anzac Day on 25 April each year? Download this brief history to learn more.


Download the PDF here


Order of Service

Anzac Day services across the country are an opportunity to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service of their country, and honour all New Zealand's service personnel both past and present.

Anzac Day services are a form of military funeral and follow a specific pattern.

Download a suggested order of service here.

The Ode of Remembrance

The Ode of Remembrance is recited at every Dawn Service around New Zealand on Anzac Day and is an important part of commemorating the fallen.

In most places the Ode is now read in both English and Te Reo Māori during formal commemorations.

Download a copy of the Ode here

National Anthem of New Zealand

The National Anthem of New Zealand is an important part of every Anzac Day service. The singing of the National Anthem reflects New Zealand's history, struggles, and traditions and unites us as a nation. 

It is customary across New Zealand to sing the National Anthem in both English and Te Reo Māori.

Download the words to the National Anthem here.

Music to support Anzac Day Commemorations

The incredible New Zealand Army Band has gifted us recordings of music commonly used during Anzac Day commemorations.

Recordings are available in both music only, or performed with voice accompaniment where appropriate.

These recordings are free for anyone to download.


You can download the following:

The Last Post

The Rouse

God Defend New Zealand (Music only)

God Defend New Zealand (Music and vocals)

Advance Australia Fair (Music only)

Advance Australia Fair (Music and vocals)

God Save the King (Music only)

God Save the King (Music and vocals)

Anzac Biscuits

No Anzac Day is complete without some classic kiwi Anzac Biscuits - and baking them is a great way to get younger children involved.

This recipe has been reproduced with kind permission from Chelsea New Zealand (chelsea.co.nz)

Download the recipe here

Classroom Resources

We have created a range of resources to help schools have conversations about Anzac Day and the importance of remembering those who have served.

All resources are free to download.


Ode of Remembrance - Classroom Poster



This A3 Poster features the Ode of Remembrance in both Te Reo Māori and English.


Download a PDF of this poster here



Cut and colour Poppy



A simple project to get our youngest children involved in Anzac Day. Simply colour in the Poppy and cut out along the dotted lines.


 Download a PDF version of the Poppy here



Anzac Day Word Search

This Anzac Day word search is a great way to get children involved. The words hidden in the word search can help start conversations around the meaning of Anzac Day and why we commemorate.


Download a PDF of the word search here.