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We will remember them.

Then, Now and Always.

Remembrance acknowledges the personal courage and sacrifice of those who are engaged in military and police service by activities designed to highlight and honour their commitment.

RSA works with all branches of government and communities, to ensure remembrance covers all service and conflicts.

Why do we remember service?

The rigours of service today are no different to previous conflicts, and remembering those who serve is a reminder that peace, stability and safeguarding our country's values and interest come with personal sacrifice.

How do we remember?

The Poppy Appeal, ANZAC and Armistice days are activities of national remembrance that acknowledges the men and women who have served, been injured and died in service to their country.

The RSA movement and those affiliated with us are deeply involved in many other events and commemorations – find out more about our events.

All donations go to supporting returned and service personnel, and their families.

We remember those who did not return by supporting those still with us.

Remembrance through restoration

The New Zealand  Remembrance Army is a Trust set up to foster volunteer groups across New Zealand to remember and restore service headstones and memorials. All restoration is free for families and volunteers carry out the work within their local communities. We work in conjunction with the RSA and other veteran groups.

The New Zealand Remembrance Army has one vision. To see our service personnel's graves cared for, wherever they may lie. Our army of volunteers is transforming cemetery sites all over New Zealand. We hope this practical guide will inspire you and others to get stuck in. Restoration team coordinators are active in most cities and towns across New Zealand. To get involved with a group from your community visit the:

New Zealand Remembrance Army page on the RSA website

Follow the New Zealand Remembrance Army on Facebook

      Restoration Guide      

New Zealand Remembrance Army -ANZAC Day Appeal 2020

The New Zealand Remembrance Army needs your help.  It takes just $5 to ensure that two granite service memorials are cleaned and maintained for future generations. $10 cleans and restores a bronze plaque.

There are over 350,000 service graves in New Zealand. Many of these sit unmaintained in public cemeteries. Local Councils and Veteran Affairs have no mandate to restore any unmaintained graves and often families are no longer able to look after these service memorials themselves. When you walk past these graves it becomes obvious these servicemen and women have simply been forgotten. The New Zealand Remembrance Army is committed to fixing this problem. 

By donating to the New Zealand Remembrance Army you will be helping to respectfully preserve their memory for future Kiwis to pay their respects.

Grave Cleaning and Restoration

We hope this practical guide will inspire you and others to get stuck in. To get involved with a group from your community go to NZ Remembrance Army.


Children laying poppies at the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior with their father
Anzac Day is a national day of commemoration observed on 25 April each year. It commemorates those who died serving New Zealand during war while honouring returned and current servicemen and women, past and present.
Cataflaque guard at memorial
Anzac Day is observed with remembrance services till 1pm, followed by a relaxed holiday afternoon.
RSA volunteers exchange distinctive red poppies for a donation to the RSA Poppy Day appeal in support of our current and ex-service personnel, including the NZ Police, and their families.
Woman giving donation to sailor collecting for Poppy Day
The annual Poppy Appeal is the primary source of funds for the RSA’s extensive provision of support services to the service community.