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RNZ RSA Volunteers of the Year (Teamwork) The RSA Poppy Makers


We are pleased to announce that our team of Poppy Makers have been named as the RNZ RSA's Volunteers of the Year (Teamwork). 

The team of 19 work out of Christchurch and make the almost one million poppies that support the RNZ RSA’s annual Poppy Appeal.

The RNZ RSA’s National President BJ Clark said that it was fitting that this team are the first recipients of the Volunteer of the Year Award in the Teamwork category.

“Every member of this team gives a significant amount of their time to make the RSA’s poppies. They work throughout the year to ensure that there are enough Poppies available across the country to support the Poppy Campaign. Every one of our Poppies has been through the hands of one of these Volunteers.

On behalf of the RNZ RSA I want to congratulate our Poppy Making Team on this award, and thank them for their tireless dedication. They are the absolute cornerstone of our ability to collect donations during our Poppy Appeal.” 

The RNZ RSA Volunteer of the Year Awards cover four categories: Service, Initiative, Teamwork and Leadership. 

The Poppy Making team were nominated in the Teamwork Category of the RNZ RSA's Volunteer of the Year Awards by Dennis Mardle, President of the Christchurch RSA.

The Poppy Making Team consists of the following members:

Skin Frances

Geoff Smith

Henny Koudys

Carolyn Livingstone

Colin Barnett

Kuzuko Iwai (Kuzzie)

John Walker

Leonie Stauder

Nathalie Giraudon

Reece Nicoll

Robyn Draper

Tanya Markman

Elizabeth Sheid

Donna Glass

Lee Townshend

Belinda Barrett-Walker

Valyn Barrett

Tracy Wood

Reanna Albion

Stephanie Clarke


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