Club Cards

Receive free RSA member benefits cards for your members!

RSAs can use the personalised Club Cards as a way to attract new members and connect with others they may not have seen in the club for a while. National Office has managed to fund the Club Cards through sponsorship, making them free for RSAs and their members.

RSA Club Card holders have access to the many discounts by using these cards, find these discounts by clicking here!


Our Main Sponsors:

  • Resene Paint – up to 15% cash discount on paint on wallpaper
  • Insurance (VERO): discount package up to 40%
  • Heartland - $150 discount on the home valuation
  • Mondo Travel – discounts on hotels, vehicle rentals, duty free and holiday deals
  • Public Trust - $50 off per Will and EPA


Other deals include:

  • Noel Leeming – cost + 10% - sale prices all the time!
  • Repco – 10% cash discount
  • VTNZ – 15% cash discount
  • Beaurepaires – 15% cash discount on tyres
  • Craft Beer Online – 10% cash discount
  • Trooper wines – 20% cash discount
  • Placemakers – up to 25% cash discount
  • Carters – 15% cash discount


Getting free Club Cards for your members is easy

  1. Email to receive the template to fill out. We need this information to run the programme and produce the personalised cards for your members. In the template, we have highlighted which information is required and which is optional. Please fill in all the required information and as much of the optional as you can. Once your member details have been uploaded, you can manage them in My RSA and Members on Basecamp - you can even use this section of the site as a basic membership database.

  2. We'll produce your Club Cards and they'll be sent direct to your RSA so you can encourage your members to pick them up. This is a great opportunity for you to showcase your club to members who have not visited in a while. We'll also provide you with an information pack with everything you need to know and tips for promoting the cards.


MyMembers has been temporarily deactivated, please bear with us as we upgrade it and make it better than ever!



Can we use our membership numbers on the cards?

Yes, we'll just add three digits to the front of your numbers to identify your RSA. If you don't give us a membership number in the template, we'll generate one for you.

We'd like to add some extra information to the back of the cards. Can we do that?

Unfortunately we’re unable to change the custom information under the agreement we have with our card supplier

What happens if I don’t send in all the information in the template?

As long as it's not required information, it's fine. If it is required, we'll return the template back to you so you can fill it in completely. Don't worry if it takes you a little time to pull the information together, your members will still be able to receive the cards.

How long will it take for us to receive the cards?

To keep the costs low, we'll produce cards in batches. It won't take us long to reach the required number for a batch and we'll give you an estimated delivery date once we receive your member details.

Will you contact our members direct once you have their details?

Yes. As part of our sponsorship agreement, your members will receive emails from National Office with information about our sponsors products. These will only relate to the special deals available and your member's details will never be released to anyone else. Doing this enables us to provide the cards free of charge. Your members will have the chance to agree to receive communications from us when they pick up their cards and we'll only send information we think they'll find useful - like new RSA Club Card benefits.

This is completely free for our RSA and members? There are no hidden costs?

That's right! We're providing these cards and the benefits programme at no cost as part of our commitment to support your RSA and members.

Are we breaking the Privacy Act by suppling National Office with our member data for bulk Club Card roll out?

No. Each RSA is a full member of the RNZRSA and allowed to share data under our agreement “to enable RNZRSA to advise details of benefits and/or opportunities available to members through negotiated arrangements with poppy partners and other selected Corporates”. This is precisely what the Club Card provides. Your member data is retained completely within National Office and you provide it so that we can issue the Club Cards for your members.

So what is the RSA Club Card Acceptance Form and what do we do with it?

This form provides the final piece of protection for you. When you hand over a Club Card to a member, you ask them to sign the form. This accepts the terms and conditions and also confirms the individual agreement to share data. If the member does not want to sign, return the card to us and we will delete it from our system together with that persons data. Once the form is signed, you keep it as a record of agreement.

I’m still concerned about sharing our member data like that, can I still get Club Cards for our members?

Yes. You can ask them to sign the form in advance and then submit the data to us once you have all your members’ signatures. This means that you need to interact with each member twice, once to get permission up front and the second to hand over the card. The normal process means only one interaction, making it quicker and easier.

You have said you will contact our members but how often? We don’t want our members overwhelmed.

We will only send one email four times a year to your members. This email will only contain specific offers from our six sponsors that relate to Club Card benefits. These emails are issued directly from National Office and your member data remains secure within our own systems and is not shared with anyone else.

Will you ever share our member data with anyone else?

No. Never.

Does anyone else other than National Office have access to our member data?


Is our member data secure with you?

Yes, as far as it is possible to be. We use state of the art, encrypted systems to protect all our data. Our systems are all cloud based, so no one can break into the office and steal data physically. We use the latest Microsoft systems, recognised to have the highest levels of security protection that are continually updated. Our IT provider conducts regular cyber-attacks on our systems to test and probe for any weaknesses. Your member data is as secure as it can be.

Why do you need so much information about our members from us? Can we not supply you with just email addresses and names?

As per the process and template on Basecamp, we don’t need much information and the minimum requirement for cards is little more than names and email addresses. If you would like to send us the rest of the information in the template, listed as ‘Please add if you have”, we can store it safely in our system as a backup for you in case anything happens to your data locally. In the future we hope to be able to make our national systems available to you for your use locally and currently have a project underway working with a local RSA to develop that option.

We have heard a rumour that you are trying to collect our member data to build your own database so you can contact our members directly. Is this true?

No. We need the information requested so that we can send 1 email, 4 times a year, with the special deals from our sponsors. Sending these emails creates the value for the sponsors to pay for the cards, so they can be free to your members. We will never send anything other than these 4 emails per annum with that specific content, unless you ask us to do something for you.

So why can’t you give us the content and we send the emails and not give you any data at all?

For two reasons. Firstly we need the data to be able to produce the cards for you as each one is named individually. Secondly, the sponsorship agreements are between RNZRSA and the sponsors, so we are responsible to make sure the promised emails go out and to report back to the sponsors. To try and co-ordinate the distribution of content to 182 RSAs, verify that it has been sent from the myriad of different systems that local RSAs use and collate all the reports in a timely fashion is not a viable option. Therefore we must do it centrally from our systems, which run the card production and management anyway.

We are still worried about the privacy issues of giving you the data without member permission. What can be done about that?

Your membership terms and conditions may already include a clause to allow you to provide data to a third party for the benefit of members, in which case you already have the authority. To be 100% secure, you can ask each member in advance for permission to supply us with the information but that can be laborious and time consuming. We believe that your membership of the RNZRSA as the national organisation and the secure way in which the data is managed allows you to send us the data in advance and get the member permission retrospectively when the member signs for the card. It is simply a way to get the cards out for your members quickly and easily but you are completely free to get their permission in advance if you prefer.



Encourage your members to come in and pick up their cards in person, rather than mailing them out. It's a great way to get any members that you may not have seen for a while back into your club, and you can use this as an opportunity to showcase new initiatives.

With more than 50,000 Club Cards already in circulation and frequent reports of great savings being made by members around the country, we know that the Club Card is already a great success and will do all we can to ensure that all RSA members can access these great benefits.