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Career Transitioning

When a soldier, sailor or airman leaves the military, there are steps they can take to make this life-changing transition more successful.

Planning and preparing for your exit and transition are essential, and is a major predictor of success out of uniform.

Here are some tips to make your career transition easier

  • Have a plan
    Once you are completely sure you want to leave, plan, act, and keep moving forward. Set things up in advance, before you need them.
  • Expect an adjustment period
    A fully-successful career change often takes about three years. There will be frustration and course-correction. Plan and calibrate accordingly.
  • Recognise it's a process not a lottery
    Optimise each step. Your application makes an employer read your resume, your resume gets you an interview, your interview gets you shortlisted, your referees help secure the job. Commit effort to each step.
  • Get help with your CV or interview skills
    Getting honest feedback from trusted friends or professionals can help you nail each step of the process above. Obtain and use this feedback to your advantage.
  • Understand and sell your transferable skills
    Ex-service personnel have highly desirable skills for many employers. Often you understand process, team and training better than most. Promote your professionalism, team and goal orientated approach to work.


We are committed to helping you even more with transition...watch this space.

To find out more as this happens, contact your nearest District Support Advisor.

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