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RSA speaks out on protest at Pukeahu

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The RSA was disappointed to learn that anti-mandate protesters were planning to stage their latest round of protest action at the National War Memorial at Pukeahu.

The RSA’s National President, BJ Clark said that while everyone has the right to protest, care should be taken to respect areas that honour New Zealand’s fallen.

 “Our service men and women have made great sacrifices to allow New Zealanders to live in a free society, to have free speech and the right to protest” said Mr Clark.

 “We absolutely support New Zealanders’ right to protest, but memorials are not the place to do it. War memorials and cenotaphs across the country were built as a place of commemoration, to pay respects to those who made the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf.

 Pukeahu is the home of the Unknown Warrior, representing all those who gave their lives in service of their country and could not return home. We are obviously concerned about how the protesters will treat the grounds at Pukeahu, and will be regularly checking the site to ensure that no desecration occurs, and we’ll be seeking immediate rectification of any damage.

 To the protesters we say: We are glad you can enjoy your freedom of speech, but please respect those that gave everything to allow you the freedom to protest and move away from our cenotaphs.”

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