Remembrance Services

DIY Commemorations

We have developed the DIY Commemorations toolkit to help RSAs and other Kiwi organisations to plan their own commemorative events.

Already we’ve seen many schools and communities using the resources for Anzac Day and we hope to see the number grow as we remember our major military milestones and the people who served during them.

Resources to help organise commemorations in your communities are below:

Planning Your Commemorative Event
Music For Commemorative Events
Sample of a Commemorative Speech
Sample Anzac Day Speech 2022
The Ode
Medals - Mounting and Wearing
Accessing Military Service Records - here and abroad
National Anthem


RSA Ceremonial Planning Guide


Gunnery Instructors Warrant Officer Jack Donnelly, BEM, RNZN and Chief Petty Officer Tony Lewis, have developed the concept and created this valuable asset for the RNZRSA.

A large part of our work comes under the banner of Remembrance. We undertake this by conducting parades and events, to remember and honour those who have gone before us, and those who still serve in the New Zealand Defence Force today. This initiative will provide us all with a guide to conducting these occasions in a respectful and honourable manner.

View the RSA Ceremonial Planning Guide here.


The Anzac Salute

The Anzac Salute is a public art remembrance project composed of two bronze statues, one erected in New Zealand and one in Australia, depicting Anzac soldiers saluting across the sea. It is a poignant tribute to our Anzac bond and the military history that Australia and New Zealand shares. We’re pleased to announce that we have most of the funding in place for this project and we’re looking at sites for the two statues while we confirm the rest.


Music of Rememberance

Here you will find remembrance music.

Last Post and Reveille