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Veterans of Combined Forces Surfing Association (VCFSA)

VCFSA's mission is to bring the veteran community together in the ocean using surfing as ocean therapy.

They had their first event (X-Forces Mission Surf) on Sunday 24 March in Raglan - and what a day it was!

VCFSA are committed to bringing the wider community of veterans of combined forces together in the ocean and on the beach, we are calling this ocean therapy through surfing. It doesn’t matter what service you were in, territorial or regular, how long or how short your career was; how many deployments you did, operational or non-operational, whether you’re an experienced surfer or a beginner, fully fighting fit or with a disability there is always an Emergency Rendezvous Point (ERV) for you and your family at VCFSA. You can be reassured you will be given a warm welcome there is no pressure, just you, the waves and a group of like minded people. (and maybe a few professional surfing instructors to help along the way).

They seek to bring the wider veteran community together through surfing and introduce the ocean as therapy.

The RSA are stoked to have been able to support the initiative, and help out on the day.

Social health of service and ex-service people is supported by using adventure activities like this to encourage engagement with their fellow military people. Having being a member of the military gives the participants common ground in which to socialise during shared activity, helping reduce feelings of isolation that can follow a service person leaving the Defence Force. During the course of these activities the interaction and experiences shared between them helps strengthen social bonds and mental resilience.

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