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Membership is open to citizens and residents of New Zealand and member countries of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Types of Membership:

There are two types of membership.


An individual who served with the armed forces or uniformed police forces, and civilians who have been awarded the NZGSM or OSM.


An individual who wishes to support our veterans.

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First we must establish your eligibility and whether you are a veteran or a supporter of veterans.

Are you a citizen or resident of New Zealand or a member country of the Commonwealth of Nations?

Unfortunately you are not eligible to join RSA Online. If you wish to contribute you can make a donation here.

Have you served with the following:

  • The Defence forces of New Zealand or Commonwealth country.
  • The Police of New Zealand or a Commonwealth country, as a uniformed member.
  • The Home Guard.
  • Women’s War Service Auxiliary. Women’s Land Service.
  • The Merchant Navy, with service being recognised by the award of an appropriate war service campaign medal, or the South Atlantic Star.
  • A New Zealand contingent as a civilian and have been awarded either the New Zealand Operational Service Medal or the New Zealand General Service Medal.
  • The New Zealand Cadet Forces as an officer.
  • An Ally of New Zealand in one of the categories above.
  • A Wartime Resistance Movement of an Ally, recognised by the award of a decoration for valour or record of service by the relevant government.

You are eligible for membership as a Supporter of our veterans. Thank you for your commitment to these men and women. Please fill out the application form, and make payment for your one years subscription.

Are you under the age of 18?

This will determine if you are eligible for remision of fees as a person under the age of 18.

Your date of birth does not line up with this answer. Please re-enter your date of birth or change this answer.

Proof of age required

This may be any document issued by a New Zealand or Commonwealth government.

Your documents will be checked by our internal team. Please continue and complete the membership application.

You appear to be eligible for membership as a veteran.

Please upload documentary evidence of your service. This may be in the form of:
  • A statement of service available at NZDF
  • A scanned copy of a record of service issued by the Records Office at NZDF
  • A certified copy of their Current Military or Police ID, available here
  • For veterans of Compulsory Military Training no certificate of service was produced. These applicants will need to make a Statutory Declaration to the effect that they served under the CMT programme. Read more

Your documents will be checked by our internal team. Please continue and complete the membership application.

Are you currently serving in the NZDF or as a uniformed member of the NZ Police?

This will determine if you are eligible to have your fees remitted as a serving member of the NZDF or NZ Police. This will be verified against the supporting documentation you provided.

Membership fee required, you will be redirected to pay via Credit Card after you submit this form.

$20.00 - RSA Online Membership Fee