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Soldier On

Soldier On assists in Australia for:

•Those who have been adversely impacted as a result of service to their nation in a national security capacity

•Those with a family member who has been adversely impacted as a result of service to their nation in a national security capacity

Soldier On and works with participants and their families supporting the transition process from all services as well as with those already who have left with their job search.

Unlike a recruitment agency, Soldier On doesn’t place candidates in jobs. However they work with a number of pledge partners who support Soldier On by sourcing job opportunities for our participants which we can refer them to.  Soldier On enable and support participants with their job search and where required, help that individual become job ready.

Depending on the individual and their needs, this support can include: comprehensive career exploration – helping to identify what candidates want to do after the military and to help mitigate any barriers that may exist, helping to navigate and understand the local job market as well as applying for opportunities, providing guidance with respect to translating your skills and experience, providing meaningful industry insights, helping to uncover opportunities, review a resume or help draft a new resume and interview preparation. We also offer education opportunities to help upskill candidates for the job that they want.

Website ; our pathways (jobs) portal ; and for education and learning opportunities