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RSA Government Fund Helps Woman, Who Lost Everything in Blaze

87-year-old Naomi Jensen, the widow of veteran Renald Jensen, was left without a home or a change of clothes after a fire ripped through a Sanson building destroying her family items. Naomi's family owned the building which housed antique imports, a home decor shop, and Naomi's flat. She was treated for minor injuries at the scene after neighbours convinced her not to return to the burning building to rescue her items. Dave Jensen said his mother Naomi was unharmed "My mum was living here on her own out the back" he said, " she had a little bit of smoke inhalation and is suffering from a bad back".

After Naomi's loss, the Sanson Ohakea RSA District Support Advisor Eric Beeby helped her get on her feet by helping her apply for a  grant for new clothes from the RSA Government Fund. 

We wish you a speedy recovery Naomi.

The RSA Government Fund was established by RNZRSA and the New Zealand Government to help all military service personnel and their whanau who are in need. You may be eligible for assistance. Click the button below to visit the website or contact your District Support Manager for more information.