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Royal New Zealand Armoured Corps needs your help

The Royal New Zealand Armoured Corps History Project Charitable Trust Inc (RNZAC HPCT Inc) was established in 2019 to manage the publication of a history of the RNZAC by November 2023.  The Trust has produced a brochure to support its fundraising for the book.  A copy is attached.

Families and relatives of those who served in volunteer cavalry units formed during the New Zealand Land wars in the 1860s, the mounted rifles units in the Boer War, and World War I, armoured units in World War II, as well as those individuals from the RNZAC who, after World War II have served in South Korea, the Malayan Emergency, Malaysia, South Vietnam and Afghanistan, and in peacekeeping and monitoring operations in India, Pakistan, the Middle East, Bougainville, Zimbabwe, Angola, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Timor Leste, South Sudan, Iraq, and the Solomon Islands, will want to read this story and add it to their collection.

It will be of particular interest to both Serving and ex-members' of the RNZAC and historians.

Help Make History

This will be the first time that a consolidated history of the RNZAC and its Predecessor Cavalry, Mounted Rifle Volunteers, and Mounted Rifles Units has ever been written.  It will be published in November 2023.

To see more about the project and how you can help, please download our campaign brochure:

Download Brochure