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Pilgrim Bandits Comes To NZ


Pilgrim Bandits (PB) was set up in the UK by Special Forces personnel to enable injured military people and front line emergency services (Fire, Ambulance, Police, Coastguard) to realise their potential in the face of mental and physical injury. 

Pilgrim Bandits UK came to New Zealand and cycled its length using specially adapted tandem bicycles.  An injured veteran, Petty Officer Amy Baynes (Royal New Zealand Navy) co-ordinated this event and formed a New Zealand team to ride with the UK and Canadian Pilgrim Bandits who were here for this event. 

This was a huge success and before leaving, the UK Bandits offered Amy an opportunity to set up a branch of Pilgrim Bandits here in New Zealand. They are now a fully registered charity and raise funds in various ways to enable their people to go “Always a Little Further” (Special Forces motto).

Photo: America 2019 with NZ and UK Bandits and US marines.