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Brothers at arms recall World War II bombs, malaria and poisoned wine

Bill Candy’s memory never failed him. And although his twin brother Oliver’s eyesight is waning, his mind’s eye is still sharp.

Days before his death on June 24, Bill, a 97-year-old World War II veteran, could still remember his air force number, 43909, after working as a leading aircraft man.

His impression of the war was vivid too: “It was a waste of money. The whole thing is a money-making business,” he told Stuff from his Northland bedside.

Oliver’s memories of war are a mixed bag of mateship, hospitals and pain. After a sea trip to Egypt, where he climbed the pyramids, and just 10 days of action, the Sherman tank in which he was a gunner was struck by the retreating Germans while the Allies advanced north through Italy in 1945.

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