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Bio-Shield is Cleaning and Protecting Veteran Graves

Andy van Lier is the owner of Bio-Shield; the moss, mould and lichen cleaning product that is powering the New Zealand Remembrance Army in their mission to clean and restore veterans graves around NZ.

Andy was approached to sponsor the Graves Restoration Project in late 2018 and didn’t hesitate; donating product and his expertise to the cause. “It was a huge opportunity to be a part of such a worthy initiative. These way that this has inspired people of different ages and interests to work together for a common cause all over the country is fantastic,” says Andy. “It’s not just about cleaning and protecting graves, but it also brings a sense of pride to communities and connects people to their history. That’s why I wanted to get Bio-Shield involved.”

NZ Remembrance Army leader Simon Strombom needed to be confident that the products used did an effective job for the Graves Project. He insists that Bio-Shield is the best product for the task of restoring graves.

“The product is awesome. It’s easy to use and works exceptionally well on all graves, especially where we are worried about the cultural importance of marble headstones with lead lettering. I would recommend it to anyone who's looking at a graves project as you can be assured it’s top quality. We don’t use other bleach-based cleaning products - Bio-Shield does the job brilliantly. The before and after photos show how good Bio-Shield is.”


Bio-Shield is non-acidic and free of bleach and phosphates. It poses very low risk to plants and garden areas, meaning it is safe to use around the home. And you can clean and protect your property with Bio-Shield too.  As an offer to RSA members, you are able to purchase Bio-Shield now. Just head to and quote your RSA membership when making your order and you will get 10% off your order.


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