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Freemasons Charity

The Freemasons Charity continues provided grants to needy individuals (with and without Masonic connections)

to the value of more than $150,000 per annum.

Contact charity@freemasonsnz.org or general enquires 04 385 5748. See http://freemasonsnz.org/charity/

The Purpose of their charitable trust is;

- to afford relief to those in need; render assistance to the aged and infirm and those who are incapacitated

or impaired; to relieve sickness or distress; and to generally ease discomfort of those in need.

- to reward merit and encourage endeavour; to recognise the value of promoting advanced education, learning and knowledge; and generally to promote the study of liberal arts and sciences 

- promote research development and practical application on such medical and other topics as may be advantageous to mankind;

- assist such other charity or organisation dispensing charity or reliving sickness or distress and which is considered worth of support; and

- generally provide such other charitable support and assistance consistent with the broadest concepts of public charitable purpose in New Zealand.