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Re-union to mark twenty years since NZBATT2 Battalion deployed to East Timor

Friday 17th July 2020

In 2000 a New Zealand Battalion, NZBATT2, deployed to East Timor to assist the East Timor peace process as part of UNTAET. The Battalion assisted the UNHCR in facilitating the return of thousands of refugees from camps in West Timor and helped UN agencies and NGO’s to deliver aid. To secure the future of an independent East Timor, NZBATT2 was engaged in high-intensity operations with militia elements who infiltrated across the border from West Timor in an attempt to disrupt the peace process. NZBATT2 lost two soldiers, Private Leonard Manning and Sherpa Devi Ram Jaisi, killed in contacts with the militia, but ultimately ensured that the Timorese achieved independence. A re-union to mark twenty years since the Battalion deployed to East Timor, will gather the NZBATT2 veterans in Timor Leste over the 17 - 26 July 2020, where they will revisit the operational area to commemorate those who paid the ultimate sacrifice and to meet with the people of Timor. 

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