RSA mourns death of John Campbell

The Royal New Zealand Returned and Services Association National President Don McIver says RSA members will be sad to hear the news that Past National President John Campbell passed away this morning in Dunedin after a long and brave struggle with his debilitating illness.

“John was a fine soldier, a dedicated champion of veterans’ rights and for many of us a close, personal friend,” says Mr McIver.

Don McIver presenting John Campbell with Badge in Gold

During his 32 year service to the RSA Mr Campbell worked assiduously for all veterans and service personnel to achieve such milestones as return of the Unknown Warrior in 2004; the celebration of the RSA’s 90th Anniversary and the institution of the Year of the Veteran in 2006; the Tribute 08 parade, the Government and all party apology to Vietnam Veterans in Parliament and the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with Vietnam Veterans in 2008. After retirement, he continued his service as the lay member of the Ministerial Advisory Committee on Veterans’ Health. In Dunedin he will be remembered especially for the commitment he made to the Monticello Veterans Home.

“John was a forthright, vigorous and influential advocate for New Zealand veterans and for all ex-service personnel, a highly professional and competent leader and a thoughtful and sensitive person – altogether a great combination,” Mr McIver said.

“He will be sorely missed.”

“We pass our condolences and our pledge of support to his wife Beth and to his sons Mark and Glen and their families.”

“We Will Remember Him.”